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Associated Equipment Sales is a very unique company serving as a representative to over 30 North American manufacturers of heating, cooling, and hydronic equipment. The core business is providing boilers, chillers, pumps, cooling towers, heat pumps, and all accessories to support heating and cooling applications in the Power, Industrial and Commercial markets. The company serves engineers, contractors and owners with unique solutions for their buildings and processes.

Established in 2004, Associated Equipment Sales focuses on heating, cooling and other equipment solutions that save energy and provide long lasting solutions to demanding requirements. This focus has grown the company quickly into one of the largest and most well respected firms for complete equipment solution with main offices in Kansas City, and branch offices in Wichita, Omaha and St. Louis. They provide equipment to Federal Complexes, State/County Buildings, Hospitals, Schools, Universities, Prisons, Industrial Application, Power Plants and even Historical Sites.

With a client centered approach, Associated Equipment Sales excels at customer care from project inception to owner acceptance. The company’s dedication to “Green Solutions” is applied through all product lines, from heat pumps and chillers to boilers, pumps and cooling equipment. The result is better solutions to the increasing demand for energy reduction and longer lasting systems. This approach is represented in company’s motto of “HOT PRODUCTS – COOL SOLUTIONS”.

Awards, News & Press

  • AES Expands Its Operations in Wichita 7.1.2016

    From The Wichita Eagle - Carrie Rengers

    There’s a new occupant for the former Don’s TV & Video space at the northeast corner of Second and Hydraulic. Associated Equipment Sales doesn’t sell televisions, but it will keep up the longtime Don’s tradition of putting funny sayings on the sign out front. “That’s been such an icon in downtown Wichita,” says Keith Williams, president of the Lenexa-based company. “We’re going to try to keep the heritage of fun and interesting little notes below our logo.” The 11-year-old company, which sells heating, cooling and pumping equipment, has been in Wichita for three years. “There’s a lot of opportunity in that part of the state,” Williams says. The firm has 21 employees, including two in Wichita, and has been in 600 square feet at the Market Centre downtown. Remaining in the downtown area was important, Williams says. “Downtown Wichita is getting very exciting.” The new space is 2,880 square feet.

    “We recognize that our office presence needs to grow,” Williams says. “We wanted to be in the area that engineers and architects are doing their work so we can help them.” Williams says he wants to support them by helping design systems that are “more efficient, smart … and sustainable.” “We represent some of the industry’s top lines,” he says. That includes more than 30 manufacturers. Williams says the company will do some stocking at the new space.

    “Part of that space is going to be a 30-person training facility.” It will be for engineers, contractors, owners and others to learn how to design the most efficient systems. “We are the industry leaders in training … on how to design better buildings,” Williams says. He says it’s a big part of the company’s culture. “We will be doing that every month.” The company is hiring a third Wichita employee as well. “We’re a company on the grow, and we’re going to continue to expand,” Williams says. “We see us growing into being a bigger part of Wichita.”

    Associated Equipment Sales is gutting its new space and is making a few changes to the outside of the building. Williams says he hopes to be in by the end of March. He already has his first message for the sign out front, though he doesn’t want to share it yet. “We are excited to put our logo on that sign.”

  • 25 Under 25 Award 2.12.2011

    From "Thinking Bigger Business" Journal

    Look at the most successful teams, whether in sports or in business, and you'll see a strong team identity. At Associated Equipment Sales, winning customer service is delivered by Team ADOST, Team Tattoo. Team All Timers, Team West, Team TKO and Team Fox. Owners Keith Williams and Jere Kimmel say the small competitive and fun work teams achieve the best results for their customers.

    It isn't just the team names that set this six-year-old company apart from other companies providing industrial and commercial heating and cooling equipment, it's the empowered team members and the intense focus on customer service. The company has no formal employee title, as each employee's "title" is customer service.

    Keith Williams and Jere Kimmel believe in hiring for attitude and training for success. They look for employees who exhibit great passion, willingness and diligence. Then they provide them with all of the knowledge they need to best serve customers.