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Two Pershing Square Chiller Plant

When Owners of the Two Pershing Square needed to replace their 34 year old “traditional” chiller they turned to the P1 Group and Associated Equipment Sales.  The 34 year old chiller was located on the 11th floor of Two Pershing Square, a downtown Kansas City office building.  The replacement was going to be difficult and thus a “non-traditional” approach was needed.   The neighboring buildings left no space to use a crane to replace equipment and the foam roof precluded the use of a helicopter lift.

The decision to install a Multistack modular chiller was optimal for the situation. Further, with energy savings a key ingredient for most Owner’s, the Multistack’s MagLev (bearing-less) compressor would make the installation one that was possible and also the most energy efficient.  In fact, the U.S. Green Building Council gave special recognition to this solution because this chiller uses very little refrigerant and its magnetic levitation compressors don’t use oil.

The result for the Owner was an elegant solution to the replacement of its old, inefficient and obsolete chiller with a new, highly efficient, and environmentally friendly chiller.  The Multistack chiller uses 28% less energy than the original chiller.